NUX Bumblebee Pedalboard NPBM w/ Bag

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Nux NPBM Bumblebee Pedalboard with Bag
The Nux Bumblebee is the newest pedalboard to come from Nux.

This pedalboard is designed for optimal management of your board space allows you to customize your pedal placement which is most convenient for you.

It is made from Anodized Aluminum Material which makes it rock solid but lightweight. It also has cable organizers to ensure that your cables and wiring are not all over the place.

It also comes with its own 22 inch lightweight carrying bag made from water repellant material.

The Tech Features
Brand: Nux

Model: NPBM

Material: Anodized Aluminum

Platform Bars: 6

Dimensions: 24.3cm x 44.5cm x 9cm

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