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The DM-8 drum kit is the newest kit from NUX using new technology to give the drummer an authentic acoustic feel and comes with all mesh heads by REMO. The kit is high quality and features a sturdy rack system which is not only durable but looks great.It loaded with great features to give the drummer a realistic expressive playing feel in this great package. Let’s jump in and examine some of the features of this great kit and what we enjoyed when reviewing it.

What’s in the DM-8 Hi-Hat
The hi-hat mounted on a standalone hi hatstand gives a more realistic feel as opposed to a fixed pad, the hi hat pad isagain of high quality and is mounted onto a motion sensor unit and there aresettings for Open/Closed and Half Open hi hats so you can adjust the hats asyou want them.

12inches independent snare drum
The snare pad emulates a real acoustic snare drum with rim and shell design like a acoustic snare. The triple zone which allows you to play convincing rim shots/and cross sticks adapting to the needs of most playing situations from rock/funk/to latin and the cross stick is great for ballads or bossa nova. The snare uses the latest three-point trigger technology, which makes the sound of each position on the drum head more balanced. It also comes with a very stable independent snare stand, so you don’t have to worry about the snare drum moving during performance.

The new 10’ kick and kick pedal
The newly designed 10-inch independent kick drum can fully support a double bass pedal. And use an adjustable elastic mesh material, so that users can get the desired response.

The new kick pedal features a double chainstay and a thicker soleplate. The double chain design makes the beater swing more stable. The thickened base plate keeps the entire pedal from moving freely.

The sound module is loaded with greatfeatures and an eye-catching feature is the individual pad adjustment faderwhere you can adjust the sound level of each pad; want to fade out? Simply move

  • 12” Snare*1, 10” Tom*3, 10” Kick drum*1, 12” Hi-hat cymbal*1, 12” Crash cymbal*2, 14” Ride cymbal*1, Snare stand*1, Hi-hat stand*1, Kick pedal*1, DM-8 module*1
  • Metronome, Coach, Effects, REC, Songs, Bluetooth, USB audio, WAV import, Group fader
  • 9 Piece Digital Drum Kit with Remo Mesh Heads
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